Aaron Villasenor #9
2010 SCMini Pro Extreme Champion
2009 SMRRC Pro Extreme Champion
2009 SMRRC Pro GP Champion

Aaron Villasenor Needs Your Support

Dear Potential Sponsor or Donor,

My name is Aaron Villasenor. I am 15 years old and live in the city of Lake Forest, Orange County, CA. I am writing this letter to explain a little about myself and my racing program. Because of my dad’s love for motorcycles I was introduced to shows and races at a young age. I really wanted to race pocket bikes so my dad signed me up to race when I was 9 years old. When most kids had their hands wrapped around a baseball bat, mine were wrapped around the handlebars of a pocket bike. I think in the beginning my racing was just fun and a way for my family to come together on the weekends, but not long after our racing program began I started to win races, followed by championships. Recently I received an invitation from the European Red Bull Rookies Committee to come to Seville, Spain and tryout for the 2011 Red Bull Rookies Cup in September. I consider this a real honor because the Red Bull Committee only sends out a limited number of invitations to riders across the globe that they believe have the best chance at developing their skills and one day going professional. That is exactly my plan.

      2010 SCMiniGP Pro Extreme Champion
      2010 Red Bull Rookies Cup - Selected to tryout for the 2011 Red Bull Rookies Cup in Seville, Spain
      2009 SMRRC Pro GP Champion
      2009 SMRRC Pro Extreme Champion
      2008 SCMiniGP 50cc Lights Runner Up

This is where you, the reader, come in. My racing program is exceeding my parent’s ability to financially take it to the next level and it’s time to ask for help from sponsors and donors. What exactly do I need?  Most importantly from a potential sponsor I am in need of tires, racing fuel, apparel, and track time, track time, track time. For your support I can act as a responsible, intelligent representative for your company and provide you with advertising space on my bike, trailer, and website and make sure that your company gets plenty of exposure from podium appearances. For potential donors I seek whatever support you can provide to assist my program and help me evolve as a racer. Financial support in any amount would not only be put to good use, but would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and for your interest in my racing career. With much hard work and a little luck I plan on making the name “Aaron Villasenor” as common in the paddock as Ben Spies!

Thanks again,

Aaron Villasenor

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