Aaron Villasenor #9
2010 SCMini Pro Extreme Champion
2009 SMRRC Pro Extreme Champion
2009 SMRRC Pro GP Champion
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09/11/11: WERA West - The Boy Wonder has returned and he is faster than ever! After almost a year off the track and never having ridden a 600cc race bike, Aaron returned to California Speedway on his ZX-6 and immediately started running 1:38 lap times. The following week (and only his second time on a 600) Aaron dropped his lap times into the 134's & 135's and took three 2nd place finishes in the SuperStock Novice class. Remember, this kid is 15 years old.

Aaron climbed aboard a 600cc bike for the first time two weeks ago and with only two track days under his belt felt ready to enter his first WERA race. Watch as Aaron climbs on-board his ZX-6 and takes 2nd place in the WERA Supersport B Novice class

10/10/10: SCMiniGP -
The final race of the season was held this weekend at the Grange Motorcircuit and Aaron only needed to finish 3rd or better to wrap-up the Pro Extreme title. After a very smart, calculated race, Aaron brought his bike home in 2nd place and secured the 2010 SCMini Pro Extreme Championship. Congratulations Aaron!!

A battle of epic proportion unfolded in the Pro GP race as Aaron and Jason Aguilar broke from the field and went to war. Jason secured the hole shot and Aaron attached himself to Jason's rear wheel  desperately looking for an opportunity to pass. Unfortunately that opportunity would never come and Jason went on to win the race and the Pro GP championship. Congratulation to Jason and his father Bob who both did an awesome job this year.

9/14/10: Red Bull Rookies Cup - With 120 kids trying out and only seven positions available, today was bound to be disappointing for many. For the Americans today was especially brutal as only two of the seven invited riders made it past today's cut, and unfortunately Aaron was not one of them. Congratulations to Mario Alvarez and Joe Roberts who both move on to tomorrow's cut, we wish you all the best. Aaron will live to fight (on the track) another day!

9/13/10: Red Bull Rookies Cup -
Today was an all-day orientation session for the kids. Try outs will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, 8/14. Stay tuned!

9/10/10: Red Bull Rookies Cup -
Aaron and his mother departed this morning for Seville, Spain! Tryouts will take place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Stay tuned for further updates.

9/5/10: WERA West -
Taking a break from the SCMini series, Aaron returned to WERA and the AMA track at Fontana. On board his Moriwaki 250 Aaron raced exceptionally well and won the D-Superbike Expert race. This was an important win as it puts Aaron in the right frame of mind as he prepares for Spain and the Red Bull Rookies Cup tryouts.

8/19/10: Red Bull Rookies Cup -
Aaron logged into his e-mail account today to find an acceptance letter from the European Red Bull Rookies Cup Committee informing him that his application was one of the very few selected to try out for the 2011 European Red Bull Rookies Cup! Aaron and his mother will be departing for Seville, Spain next month to lay down some fast laps on the Monteblanco Circuit. CONGRATULATIONS Aaron and BEST OF LUCK! WOW!!!

8/15/10: SCMiniGP - Back to Buttonwillow Raceway Park and back to winning ways. Aaron was really focused this weekend and his dedication paid off with 1st place wins in both of his heat races, and then going on to win both the Pro GP race and the Pro Extreme race.

7/11/10: SCMiniGP - Returning to the Grange Motorcircuit Aaron learned that 1st place is a position that is never handed to you, it must be battled after and won. Although Aaron raced well and landed on the podium in both races, the prized 1st place trophy would elude him this weekend. Final results were 2nd place in the Pro GP event and 2nd place in the Pro Extreme event.

6/27/10: SCMiniGP - Back to Adams Motorsports Park and back on the podium in both races. Aaron rode an almost perfect technical race in the Pro Extreme event and was rewarded with 1st place. While still riding a good race, Aaron was unable to repeat his earlier results and took 3rd place in the Pro GP event.

5/23/10: SCMiniGP - Our first SCMini race at Buttonwillow Raceway Park this season had Aaron confronting a track that he is still learning and constantly challenged by. True to form, Aaron stepped-up and handled the challenge well by winning both of his heat races, then going on to win both of the final races - 1st in Pro GP and 1st in Pro Extreme.

4/18/10: SCMiniGP - Returning to Grange Motorcircuit Aaron competed hard in both of his races and earned a 1st place in the Pro Extreme race and a 2nd place in the Pro GP race.

4/3/10: WERA West - Stepping up to the WERA series this week in Las Vegas Aaron continued developing his sportbike skills by racing in four races and taking four podiums: 
Mini 80 (Saturday) - 1st Place
Mini 80 (Sunday) - 2nd Place
Clubman Expert - 3rd Place
D-Superbike Expert - 3rd Place
It should be noted that Aaron was the first 250cc bike to finish in both the Clubman Expert & D-Superbike Expert races, behind two 450cc bikes (for some reason the two classes are scored together).

3/21/10: SCminiGP - A return to Adams Motorsports Park and a repeat of our last visit there - two races and two wins! Aaron started the weekend event with a 1st place finish in the Pro GP event, and ended the weekend with a 1st place finish in the Pro Extreme race.

2/21/10: SCminiGP - The 2010 SCminiGP season began this weekend with Adams Motorsports Park hosting the opening event. Climbing back on his TZ Aaron wasted no time in announcing his presence by finishing 1st in both of his heat races. From pole position Aaron stayed focused and raced exceptionally well, winning both the Pro GP and Pro Extreme final events. Aaron's development will be in high-gear this year as he races the Moriwaki-250 in WERA and the TZ-150 in SCminiGP.

1/31/10: WERA West - Aaron continued his development by racing his second WERA event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend. On only his second race on the new Moriwaki 250 Aaron put himself on the podium in both races, scoring a 2nd place in the Clubman Expert race and taking 3rd in D-Superbike Expert. The Las Vegas track presented Aaron with several long straightaways, and his Moriwaki-250 was simply unable to keep pace with the faster 450's. Despite the disadvantage, Aaron did an unbelievable job staying with the leaders by being faster in the turns. It was another great week of development for this 14-year-old speedster.    

1/10/10: WERA West - This past weekend was a huge success for Aaron. He had his first ever race on a full size AMA track on his Moriwaki 250. Sat practice went well and Sunday was even better. Aaron took first place in the Clubman Expert race and second place in the D-Superbike Expert race. The next race is at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Jan 31st.

12/04/09: Today was a great day for the Villasenor family as we welcomed a new addition - a beautiful, 187-lb, black & yellow, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder Moriwaki MD250H. Aaron's development continues to charge ahead at full steam!

11/15/09: Aaron's testing and development on the new 150 4-stroke has been nothing short of amazing.
9/25/09: IT'S ALIVE!!!!! Same bike, different motor. We successfully replaced the 2 stoke 85 motor with a new 4 stroke 150 motor.

8/16/09: SMRRC 1st place finish at Stockton Motorplex
Two races and two podiums at the WERA event in Las Vegas!

 Aaron and Tommy Hayden at California Speedway.
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